“Iron and steel prices have risen in the sky, why should they have these tariffs?\” Many American manufacturers are consistent when the US economists and decision makers are arguing that large-scale irritating expenditures and loose monetary policies will make inflation intensified. It is believed that the \”culprit\” of the \”culprit\” is more difficult to blame the inflation indicators. On May 31, the US Media \”Wall Street Journal\” reported that after the US, President Trump took the \”protection of US companies\”, and imported related commodities and pays tariffs. US companies have been protesting. At present, under the pressure of the price of imported raw materials, these companies are carrying out new efforts to promote the dedented government to cancel the duties, the reason is that the US economy is still in the resuscitation of the epidemic, these tariffs will enable inflation Product supply shortages. In response to this phenomenon, the insiders pointed out to the observer that the trade warfare has been playing for more than three years. The United States has increased the destination of tariffs, including suffocating China’s economic vitality, prompting China’s industrial chain to move, promoting entity economy to the United States. Wait, no implementation. He also added that the US is currently mainly endogenous inflation. Large-scale economic stimuli plans to increase the federal reserves unrestricted purchase of national bonds, and the enthusiasm of the unemployment remedy has declined, so that many Americans do not want to return to work, a lot of hot money into the market, the result is the virtual currency crazy, The economy is detachable. \”Tariff is led to the decline in the company’s competitiveness\” under the unprecedented economic stimulus, US inflation indicators are continuing high. The US Department of Labor shows that the United States has increased by 4.2% year-on-year in April, and the growth rate has been high since September 2008; the core CPI in April has increased by 3% year-on-year, and the biggest increase since 1996. President Scott Buehrer, Walter \u0026 amp; Co., Ltd., the president of the Metal Products Manufacturer B. Walter \u0026 amp; Co., Ltd. revealed that the company’s main steel suppliers have increased by 15 times since September last year. \”Steel price rose in the sky (SKY-HIGH), why do you have to levy these tariffs?\” Belle said it is very indiscriminated. On May 6, more than 300 manufacturers, including B. Walter \u0026 amp; Co., believe that he immediately terminated 25% tariff on imported steel and 10% duty on aluminum products. These manufacturers said that tariffs are leading to a decline in the company’s competitiveness. At present, in the context of domestic demand, US buyers pay 40% from European buyers than European buyers. Since rolled steel prices have risen nearly twice as much as they have risen since last fall, Belle revealed that in order to reduce costs, he has been strawed 10%. The Biden government said that the relevant tariff policies are being assessing the relevant tariff policies, and there is no further elimination of tariffs. Cecilia Rouse Two important in the construction industryThe market price of bulk commodities has risen not only steel in the month after the effectiveness of the effectiveness, but also the problem of soaring price soaring in the US housing construction industry. The timber futures contract price has increased by 1600 US dollars per kilogram in May, refreshing the record high, more than three times higher than the typical price level in the same period over the years. The US National Housing \u0026 Homa Association (NATIONALASSOCIATION OF HOME BUILDERS) is estimated that the price of timber prices has increased by typical single-family residential prices by $ 36,000. \”When domestic supply is insufficient, there is no economic significance. Some metal tariffs. \”Wall Street Journal\” report pointed out that US residential builders and members of Members have urged Biden to cancel the tariffs imposed on Canadian soft wood in 2017, and the differences on the US Timber Manufacturer in this issue have continued to do tens. year. However, the US Department of Commerce does not cancel the tariff, and a preliminary decision has been issued on May 21 that the tariff rate of the levy is doubled, and the reason is a large number of subsidies from Canadian imported soft wood. An official of the US Department of Commerce said that tariffs will remain in 9% until November, the final decision is made. According to the report, in order to alleviate the influence of the Trump Era on the more extensive Chinese import commodities, the two party groups composed of 40 US Senators requested that the Giden government reconstitute a procedure in April, given from the pillow to More than 2,000 tariff immunities in automotive parts. The exemption procedure launched by the Trump government expires last December, but it has not been renewed. In fact, when the Trump government’s tariff initially entered into force, some economists have warned that these tariffs may stimulate inflation. Industrial companies discussing the proportion of conference calls for inflation related topics, there are also some economists to believe that the cancellation of tariffs is limited to relieving price pressure. \”There is no inflationary pressure when it is imposed on steel products. measure. The Wall Street Journal reported that the import prices of commodities affected by tariffs have indeed rising, but this part of the cost is digested by importers, and there is no increase in the cost of rising to consumers. David Weinstein, University of Columbia, even believes that in the long run, tariffs may reduce the price level. His reason is that trade friction will have a negative impact on productivity. When productivity is suppressed, it will undoubtedly affect the future economy, and prices will also be affected. Industry insiders analyzed the observer network analysis, the tariffs in Trump period will cause specific commodities, such as steelAluminum products, nutrients and other import prices have risen. \”But steel such as high-energy consuming industries, will not be the next focus of the US government. The Biden government is unlikely to maintain the subsidies of steel import tariffs and industrial policies. They are more concerned about new energy, and steel workers also Not necessarily the Democratic ticket. Recently, some steel mills were reopened, but if import tariffs decreased, the rejuvenation of the US steel industry would not be avoided. \”He said. \”Manufacturing returns\” has no sound, and the Trump government has been attempting to pass the tariffs of Hua, so that Chinese goods have been more expensive through more than two years. But things will be violated. \”Wall Street Journal\” mentioned in a report on a report on May 13, the latest economic data showed that this so-called \”manufacturing return\” has no sound, and the US companies have turned from other countries in Asia from other countries. Craig Allen, president of the US-China Trade National Committee, pointed out that if the purpose of the United States, the purpose of the United States is to increase the employment post of domestic manufacturing, without any evidence. If the purpose is to increase imports from other countries in Asia, then it succeeds. Data reported, 2018 and 2019, all the items imported from China have nearly two-thirds of the United States to increase tariffs in the United States, approximately $ 370 billion in imports per year. Today, tariffs only covers half of China’s exports, which is equivalent to $ 250 billion in imports per year, because US companies have purchased goods from other countries. In response to this report, the industry insiders pointed out that the recent data in the United States shows that the imported goods from China have fallen, and it is clear that the production capacity of some textiles, clothing and photovoltaic industries in China is after trade. There is an export trade and some industrial chains of some rear end processes, especially to Southeast Asian countries, so many Chinese export metas are not calculated. He further analyzed that in the case of the photovoltaic industry as an example, the solar panels are basically imported from Southeast Asia in the case of the domestic capacity of the United States, and Southeast Asia is actually the production capacity of Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, the so-called US imports have declined from China, more because of trade transfer. Sino-foreign companies transfer production capacity back and forth for avoiding tariffs, and inevitably fell in efficiency. The United States wants to return to the manufacturing industry through taxation, which is obviously not reached. Industry insiders believe that many manufacturing industries are almost impossible to return to the United States. He continued to pointed out the photovoltaic industry, and the entire industrial chain of solar panels is very complicated, and the link includes from polysilicon refining to the slurry package. The United States has had a refining industry in polysilicon before, and China has also imported related products from the US. However, in 2012, after the China’s photovoltaic industry gradually developed, the United States began \”double anti-dumping, anti-subsidies) for China’s photovoltaic industry, China is also right. Since then, the US PV production can slowly die, but begin to import polysilicon from China. Before the epidemic, despite the US to the solar energyThe panel collection is more than 200%, but there is no help to the restoration of American photovoltaic industries. This low value-added industry in the clothing textile is not too likely to go to the United States. In the industry, insiders have pointed out that there are some US Members have begun to prepare for the mid-term election next year, and the campaign costumes are imported from China. Because China is very complete from sewing clothes to printed industrial chains, if other countries are incomplete, there will be many instability factors, so they still import from China. The normal state of the tax is to bare the buyers and sellers, but this will increase the cost of the entire industry. \”The world is more inseparable from China\” for the influence of Trump period, the data of research institutions seems to be more intuitive. According to \”New York Times\” last September, a study of New York Federal Reserve Bank, Princeton University and Columbia University showed that due to tariffs on Chinese goods and global metal products, US companies and consumers should bear $ 3 billion monthly monthly monthly. Additional tax costs and $ 1.4 billion in benefits. A study by the Peterson International Economics Research revealed that import tariffs in global steel and aluminum in 2018 have risen nearly 9%, allowing steel enterprises to increase $ 5.6 billion. Entry tariffs also directly enable the supply of core parts of US companies. In 2019, Tesra imported computer chips and display from China. They hope that the US trade representative office can exempt the tariffs of this part of the goods, but the US Trade Representative Office rejects this request. The computer chip and display from China is an important part of Tesla automatic driving autopilot3.0 system, which is the basic configuration of most Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles and S and X-based models. New York Times: The Trump government is actually adding taxes to the Americans. September 2020, including Tesla, Ford, Tajit, Walgelin and Home Gaobao, Triang The general government filed a lawsuit, saying that it is \”illegal\” for the product of products manufactured in China worth more than $ 300 billion. These lawsuits have filed the US International Trade Court and accused US Trade representative Robert. LeTheze and the US Customs and Border Protection Agency have repeatedly increased customs on Chinese commodities, and repeatedly upgraded trade friction. In this regard, the industry insiders pointed out to the observer network, and the US business is certainly hope that tariffs can be lowered. Because they think that the most important thing between China is to distinguish the contradictions of ideology and the contradictions of real interests. The ideology contradiction may not be reconciled, and even slowly talk, but the contradiction between reality, there should be a roadmap to ease as soon as possible . Therefore, the US business hopes hope that tariffs can be properly resolved as soon as possible. In fact, tariffs is to transfer the interests of the company to the federal government, and companies are definitely unhappy. He said that US SMEs still hope that China’s supply chain can remain stable, because there is currently only China’s supply chain has sufficient capacity, if tariffs lead to importsThe raw material price increase, these SMEs can only bear, after all, SMEs want to transfer the supply chain and have not easier companies. Industry insiders pointed out that last year’s new crown epidemic situation, some European and American countries claim that this is a good time with China. But now, from the data, the world has become more inseparable from China, because there is only China’s production capacity and has a complete industrial chain. This can also be seen from China’s foreign trade data. (Observer Net Note: This year, my country’s goods trade exports 4.61 trillion yuan, an increase of 38.7%; imports of importing 3.86 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.3%; trade surplus 75.29 billion yuan, expanded 690.6%.) Undoubtedly, China’s economic growth It is still more than external demand. We did not take a detachment with the world because this epidemics was unblooked with the US economy. The data disclosed by the Ministry of Commerce shows that China and the United States have increased rapidly in the first quarter of this year, in which the US exports increased by 62.7% year-on-year, and imported from 57.9% from the US imports, energy, agricultural products, automotive and parts. In March, the US export increased by 41.6% year-on-year, with an increase of 61.8% from the US imports, and the import further accelerated. The peak of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce said that although there is a low factor that has affected the epidemic in the same period last year, the economy of China and the United States is faster, the economic structure of the two sides, the trade structure is highly complementary, and the cooperative potential is huge. . China has always believed that the essence of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation is mutually beneficial to win. Both parties should be based on mutual respect, equality, and constantly enhance the well-being of the two peoples in promoting economic and trade cooperation. (Observer network)