Lifting machinery and equipment installation, disassembly safety management measures
1, engaged in the installation of machinery and equipment for personnel and management, electric hoist manufacturers should obtain a certificate of construction machinery and equipment operators, before taking up the corresponding work or management.

2, machinery and equipment installation should be in accordance with the requirements of the technical specifications of machinery and equipment safety, machinery and equipment installation, displacement, lifting, attachment, dismantling activities, and the quality of the installation and the safety of its operation process is responsible.

3, machinery and equipment installation and dismantling before, should be based on product specifications, construction site environment and relevant standards to arrange for professional and technical personnel to prepare installation or dismantling construction programs and construction safety accident emergency rescue plan, by the enterprise technical staff and construction personnel should be responsible for the safety technical briefing to all operators.

4, machinery and equipment installation or disassembly operations before the electric hoist manufacturers recommend that operators should be installed or disassembled to check the integrity of the equipment. Operation, should be set up to guard the area, prohibit extraneous personnel to the construction site. Construction site should be set up in charge of unified command of personnel and full-time supervision of personnel. Each process should be assigned to a post, a person, a responsibility. Operators should strictly implement the construction program and disassembly process.

5, testing, acceptance, use. Electric hoist manufacturers of machinery and equipment after each installation, the installer should be commissioned and test run of lifting machinery and equipment. Before the transfer of machinery and equipment to the use of units, should be entrusted with construction machinery inspection, testing of qualified institutions to undertake mechanical inspection and testing institutions to test the quality of acceptance and joint installation with the property unit and the use of units, acceptance, before being put into use.