Electric hoist safety technical operating procedures

Use of maintenance
1. Newly installed or installed after disassembly and inspection of the electric hoist, the first should be empty test run several times. But before the installation is completed, do not power on the test run.
2. Before normal use should be 125% of the rated load, lifting about 100 mm from the ground, 10 minutes of static load test, and check whether normal.
3. Dynamic load test is to rated load weight, for repeated lifting and moving around the test, after the test to check whether the mechanical transmission parts, electrical parts and connection parts are normal and reliable.
4. In use, it is absolutely forbidden to use it in an impermissible environment and under the condition that the rated load and the rated number of closing times per hour (120 times) are exceeded.
When the hook is raised to the upper limit position, the distance from the shell of the hook to the shell of the reel must be more than 50mm (10t,16t,20t must be more than 120mm). When the hook is lowered to the lower limit position, it should ensure the safety circle of the steel wire rope on the reel, and the effective safety circle must be above 2 circles.
6. It is not allowed to press two electric hoists at the same time to make the electric door button in the opposite direction of movement.
7. After the work is completed, the power supply must be pulled away from the main gate, cut off the power.
8 electric hoist should be manipulated by a person, the operator should fully grasp the safety operating procedures, it is strictly prohibited to pull the skewed hoist.
9 in the use of special personnel must be regularly checked by the electric hoist, found fault timely measures, and carefully recorded.
10. Adjust the electric hoist braking sliding amount, should ensure that the rated load, braking sliding amount S ≤ V/100 (V for the load in one minute of stable lifting distance).
11 wire rope scrapping standards.
Wire rope inspection and scrapping standards according to CB/T5972-1986 “lifting machinery with wire rope inspection and scrapping practical specifications” implementation.
12. Electric hoist use must maintain sufficient lubricating oil, and keep the lubricant clean, should not contain impurities and dirt.
13 wire rope on the oil should use a hard brush or a small piece of wood, it is strictly prohibited to work directly by hand to the wire rope on the oil.
14. electric hoist does not work, do not allow the weight hanging in the air to prevent permanent deformation of parts.
15. In the process of use, if a fault is found, the main power supply should be cut off immediately.
16. In use, special attention should be paid to the condition of wearing parts.
17. 10 ~ 20 tons hoist after a long period of continuous operation, there may be automatic power off phenomenon, which belongs to the motor overheating protection function, this time can be down, after a period of time, when the motor cools down to continue to work.
18. Use and management according to JB9009-1999 “wire rope electric hoist safety regulations” in Article 4.
19. Inspection and maintenance according to JB9009-1999 “wire rope electric hoist safety procedures” in Article 5.
Safety precautions
On the basis of understanding the operating instructions, please also pay attention to the following matters.
1. Please familiarize yourself with the instruction manual and the nameplate before operation.
2. Adjust the upper and lower limit stop blocks before lifting the object.
3. Make sure that the brake is reliable before use.
4. If the following abnormal conditions are found on the wire rope before use, do not operate it.
(1) Bending, deformation, corrosion, etc.
(2) Wire rope fracture degree exceeds the requirements, wear large amount.
5. Please check the insulation resistance of motor and control box with 500V megohmmeter before installation and use, the cold state resistance should be more than 5MΩ at room temperature before use.
6. Please never lift objects exceeding the rated load, which is indicated on the nameplate of the lifting hook.
7. Do not use the electric hoist as an elevator lifting mechanism to carry people.
8. No one should be under the lifting object.
9. The lifting object and hook cannot be lifted in a swinging state.
10. Please move the hoist to the top of the object before lifting, and do not tilt the hoist.
11. The limiters are not allowed to be used repeatedly as travel switches.
12. Do not lift objects connected to the ground.
13. Do not use excessive pointing operation.
14. Do not pull other objects in front of the door line with hand power.
15. Be sure to cut off the power supply before the maintenance inspection.
16.Maintenance and inspection must be carried out under no-load condition.
17. Please make sure the wedge is firmly and reliably installed before use.