According to reports, the EU is planning to allow steel, cement and aluminum importers to \”buy\” in greenhouse gas, which is similar to the carbon tax system implemented by the EU local relevant manufacturers. According to Bloomberg report, an informed person said that the European Commission hopes to introduce a system to charge the emissions included in some imported goods. In addition to the above products, including chemical fertilizer and electricity. This is the actions that have no other countries in any other country that have no other countries in the world. The person who is unwilling to reveal is supplemented that the proposal will be announced next month. At that time, importers will purchase special certificates with prices linked to the EU emission trading system. This so-called carbon boundary adjustment mechanism is designed to ensure that European companies have tightened emissions restrictions in EU, local companies have fair competition. The measures in this plan are part of the broader package proposed on July 14, which is designed to make the EU economy consistent with more stringent emission reduction targets in 2030. The European Union consisting of 27 countries is strengthening its environmental regulations, which will affect all areas transported to energy production and trade. The primary goal of the green agreement is that in the middle of this century, Europe has become the world’s first carbon neutralized continent. The proposal details According to a draft proposal, the European Commission is considering in the transition period of up to 3 years before this mechanism in January 2026. According to the proposal, between 2023 and 2026, it can use a simplified system, \”The purpose is to reduce the risk of trade flows, and reduce the initial administrative burden of the declared man.\” According to the draft EU regulations, importers of affected industries will be requested to purchase electronic emissions certificates with the corresponding price corresponding to the EU emission trading system. The EU emission trading system is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emission limit and trading plan. Each CBAM (Carbon Boundary Adjustment Mechanism) certificate will correspond to 1 metric ton discharge included in the imported goods. Market pricing In the past four years, the EU’s carbon market has soared 10 times, because the EU supports the plan and vows to strengthen climate action. On May 14, the carbon emission base permit jumped to a historical high point of 56.90 euros, and closed at 51.40 euros on Wednesday. According to the draft proposal, the price of the CBAM certificate will calculate the average of the closing price of all government carbon emissions license auctions in each calendar. Before the end of the year, the importer needs to submit a statement to illustrate the emissions contained in the goods imported in the previous year. It must also include the number of CBAM certificates submitted by the importer. The European Commission said in the draft, \”If the actual emissions cannot be fully verified, including the authorized declaration person failed to submit the necessary information, the number of submitted CBAM certificates will be determined by default.\” In addition, if the discharge source Country of carbon-priced, importers will have the right to reducing the number of CBAM certificates submitted. Based on draft, importers will face punishment if they do not comply with this regulation. They must purchase three times the price of three times the average price of CBAM certificates. (Finance Association)