In response to the recent rising scrap costs, Japan’s largest steel producer Osaka iron (Osaka Steel announced on May 21, the domestic sales steel price will be up to $ 92 / ton.The steel manufacturers under this Nippon Steel have raised 3,000 yen / ton, respectively from October and December, and in January. Sales prices in January this year have increased significantly from 10,000 yen / ton.However, the four consecutive prices in January – May remained unchanged.A Osaka iron official said, \”If the price of scrap steel has further increased, we may increase the price again in July.\”


On May 17, the United States and the European Union issued a joint statement, both parties reached a consistent metal tariff \”Temporary Trision Agreement\” and settled global steel and aluminum production. But even if the differences need to be solved, Mei Europe still does not forget \”a hundred busyness\” to force China. Declare, as allies and partners, Mei Europe has similar national security benefits in \”democracy and market economy\”, can jointly ask China to \”support trade distortion policy\” countries to take responsibility. According to the official website of the US Department of Commerce, the statement is made by the US Trade representative Dai Qi (Gina Raimondo, US), USA, Economic, Economic, Economic, Economic, Economic, Economic, Economy ) Joint published. From the statement, it is known that US Europe will discuss global steel, aluminum production overcapacity on the day of the day, and try to give the roots in the mouth to \”third party\” in the row. Declaration, the main \”driven by third-party drive\” has an impact on their industry, and the trade distorted trade distortion caused by \”market-oriented\” EU and the American steel, aluminum industry and their workers have constitute a serious threat. Therefore, the US EU has agreed that as allies and partners, US Europe has similar national security benefits in the \”democracy and market economy\”, can cooperate to promote high standards, solve the problem of common concern, and jointly ask China, etc. The country of trade distortion policy is responsible. The statement also mentioned that both parties agree to deploy effective solutions on this issue, including implementing appropriate trade measures to ensure long-term survival capacity of the steel and aluminum industries in the United States, and strengthen the \”Democratic Alliance\”. According to Reuters, the EU and the United States reached a \”trucer agreement\” on the problem of metal tariff disputes. The European Commission said on the same day, the proposed retaliatory tariff increased. This will enable US Budburn whiskey, motorcycle and motorboats from being transferred from 50% of the EU next month. This tariff dispute begins in June 2018. At that time, the Trump government under the \”US priority\” concept, the trade protectionism of \”national security\” is based on 25% of the European steel, and 10% of the aluminum. What is the fact? (Taking steel as an example) 2020 China steel exports is 53.67 million tons, although it is the world’s first export big country, it has dropped for 5 consecutive years, and the main object is Southeast Asia (34%), East Asia (17%), West Asia ( 12%), Latin America (11%), and the net export also decreased by more than 60% year-on-year. With strong domestic market demand, China’s steel production not only brings consumption pressure to the global steel market, but also shares the prosperity of the Chinese market with the world. The US steel imports were 220.19 million short tons (1 short ton \u003d 0.907 tons), accounting for 73.3% of finished steel. Among them, South Korea, Japan, Germany is the main source of finished steel, with 2015,000 short tons, 76.7Wan short tons and 7.25 million short tons. Secondly, Turkey (562,000 short tons) and Brazil (5.04 million short tons), but only 3.76 million short tons from China. The EU is based on the November 20020, the main source of the EU’s finished steel imported is Turkey, Russia, South Korea, India and Ukraine. The number of finished steel supplies from these five countries accounted for 65% of the total imports of EU finished steel imports. Among them, Turkey is the largest steel importer of the EU, accounting for 19%, which is still a 31% price year, followed by Russia (15%) and South Korea (14%). The United States and the European Union add up to China steel less than 1 million tons, accounting for 1.7% of China’s exports. In fact, China is the second largest exporter of EU finished steel. In 2020, China’s export increased by nearly 20%. Global steel is from the level of dependence, imports, the highest consumption, the highest consumption, Africa, North America in Southeast Asia. From 2017-2019, it is 78.9% from other Asian countries-oriented in Southeast Asia. African region is 58.2%, North America and the Middle East are 25.39%, 25.23%, and the EU is 7.87%. In terms of export, the export of the CIS is the highest in the output, and Japan, the third of South Korea. From the data of the export of production in 2017-2019, the accumulation of the CIS is 39.65%, and Japan reaches 31.47%. South Korea is 20.8%, China is 6.25%, and other European countries are 2.86%, India is 1.61 %. Therefore, the US and EU accuses are unregistered, and they can’t stand their feet, which is completely suppressed in China. (Jintou Network)