On May 28, 202, the Mexico Ministry of Economics issued an announcement in the official daily report, decided to end the anti-dumping sunset review investigation of imported steel cables originating in China, continued to collect $ 2.58 / kg of anti-dumping duty, taxation period from 2019 12At the beginning of the 17th, it was valid for 5 years.

Recently, Chile’s national imported commodity price distortion investigation committee decided that the anti-dumping investigation of the imported steel rod (steel grinding ball for producing diameter less than 4 inches) in advance was terminated.The Chile Tax No. 7228.3000 of the product involved.(Business parties)

On May 12, 2021, the WTO Protection Measures Committee issued the guarantee measures submitted by Bahrain on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Committee. The Gulf Cooperative Committee recommends that the imported steel product is levied for three-year protection measures to the shore price (CIF), as follows: 16% in the first year, 15.2% in the second year, 14.44% in the third year. The taxation proposal will be taken into force from the date of publication of the International Secretariat (TSAIP) official communiqué of the Association Trade and Relief Bureau. The investigation period of this case is 2014 ~ June 2019. The products involved include metal coating steel sheets round, square And rectangular steel rods angle steel and shaped steel (tax No. 721621, 721650, 730120), welding and seamless tubes, except for oil well tubes Imported from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China’s Macao Special Administrative Region and China’s Taiwan’s Taiwan’s Taiwan, the above security measures were not applicable. Stakeholders should be submitted to the case consultation within 10 days of announcement. The investigating authorities (Gulf Cooperation Council) Contact: TheCooperationCouncilfortheArabStatesoftheGulfGCC-BureauofTechnicalSecretariatforAntiInjuriousPracticesinInternationalTrade Address: 6725JeddahRd-ALHadaDistUnitNo1Riyadh12324-3147, KingdomofSaudiArabia Tel: (+ 966) 112551388/2551399 Fax: (+ 966) 112 810 093 E-mail: TSAD@gccsg.org2019年 October 23 On the day, the Gulf Cooperation Committee starts the import of imported steel productsOperation of barrier measures.(Business parties)