At the 13th, the Office of the Ministry of Commerce is in the process of suspending the China-Australian strategic economic dialogue mechanism, the peak of the spokesperson said that the Australian government has been unreasonably restricted and suppressed by the Australian economic and trade cooperation projects and existing results., Damage to mutual trust in the two countries, seriously affecting the confidence of enterprises to carry out mutual benefit.China’s relevant departments have to make a legitimate and necessary response, and the Australia should assume full responsibility for this.The peak emphasizes that China urges Australia to objectively, rationally treat China and Australia cooperation, and fair and fair and fair to treat Chinese companies, stop interference between economic and trade cooperation in two countries, and take action to promote the healthy development of China and Australia.

On May 12th, the \”Economic Report\” reporter learned in the National New Office Press Conference, the 2nd China-Middle Eastern European Fair and the International Consumer Product Expo will be held in Ningbo from June 8th to 11th. According to pragmatics, simultaneous, streamlining principles, the Expo sets nearly 20 important activities, in a number of fields such as economic and trade, technology, health, and trade associations, etc., comprehensively promote cooperation with the Middle Eastern European countries. Among them, green, low-carbon, numbers, and health and other new fields have become a hot spot that promotes the transformation and development of bilateral trade and investment cooperation and innovation. Zhu Congyi, Vice Governor Zhejiang Province, introduced that the Expo established the three major exhibitions of the Middle Eastern European Shipping, International Consumer Products Exhibition, Import Commodities, with a total area of 200,000 square meters. More than two thousand exhibitors and more than 6,000 buyers in the country are enrolled. The goods, special agricultural products, special agricultural products, and expanding related products, and promote the import targets proposed by China – Middle Eastern European National Leaders Summit. Ren Hongbin, assistant to the Minister of Commerce, pointed out that from January to March this year, according to customs statistics, China’s imports of 8.17 billion US dollars from 17 countries in the Central and Eastern Europe, an increase of 44.7% year-on-year, in order to achieve a $ 170 billion in Central and Eastern European countries in the next five years Opened a good head and launched a good foundation. It is understood that China – Middle Eastern European National Competition will be held during the Expo. Zhang Shaoang, Vice President of the China Trade Promotion, will insist on service enterprise orientation, focus trade financial services, cross-border e-commerce and other fields, and organize approximately 300 China and the Middle East European companies to negotiate with B2B, and strive to achieve a batch of business cooperation intentions and projects. (Economic Report)