Today, multi-country construction industry, manufacturing has begun to pick up, and the demand for steel is getting bigger and bigger. At present, South Korea has also ushered in the construction site, but due to the serious shortage of steel bars, many construction projects have been forced to postpone or shut down. With the completion of a large number of residential buildings in recent years, the demand for people has increased, from September 2018, South Korea’s Daegu City Bamboo Terminal will begin to expand and add exports. Since this is a busy road section, the local people have long been looking forward to the smooth roads after the completion of this month, but due to the shortage of steel bars, this project has been extended to September this year. According to statistics, in the past two months, South Korea has 59 construction projects to interrupt construction due to lack of main building materials such as steel bars, including many government-led public construction projects. After the emergence of the epidemic, South Korean architecture shrinks, and major steel companies have reduced production. This year, due to the resilience of the construction industry, the demand for steel bars is surprising. According to statistics, there is currently 80% of Korea’s national steel bars in the same period last year. On this junky eye, the Korean steel bar daily supply volume is more than 10% of the modern iron, which has been discontinued from the 10th of this month, and further leads to insufficient supply. At the same time, the price of raw material scrap of steel bars The year is also over 80%. The growth of production capacity and the rise in raw materials have risen sharply from the price of Korean steel bars. Steel bars, 10 mm in the price of the price, reached 9.7 million won per ton (about RMB 5,544) on the 14th, up nearly 50% from the end of last year. After 2008, the Korean steel bars exceeded 900,000 won for the first time. The steel used by the Korean construction industry comes from imports, however, since the main export demand for steel bars in South Korea is strong, the export is greatly reduced, the original price is lower than the imported steel bar of Korea’s steel bar, the price has been smoother year-on-year And even more than Korean steel bars, less domestic goods, high price, also make the steel bars in the Korean construction industry. In the case of the imbalance in supply and demand, many small and medium-sized construction companies in South Korea have launched a fierce \”steel bars\”. Some regional steel prices are called more than 1 million won per ton, and even add money. Recently, the Korean government convened the steel industry to urgently negotiate to resolve the countermeasures, and plan to centralize the behavior of the middleman hoarding steel bars. Since the supply problem cannot be improved in the short term, the industry is forecast, South Korea’s \”steel bar\” is likely to continue until the end of this year. (CCTV Finance)