1, lifting should be checked before the electric hoist lifting part of the reducer, whether the specified injection of good lubricating oil, walking part of the grease injection. Clear the oil or anti-rust oil on the electric trolley tread.

2, carefully read the instruction manual and other random documents to understand the product structure. Check whether the electrical control box is wired according to the electrical diagram, and test the insulation status of the hoisting motor and walking motor.

3、Check whether the fixed end of the wire rope is drawn tightly and whether the plug block is wedged firmly.

4、Check whether the wiring of the control button is correct, and the safety rope of the fixed button must be installed.

5、According to the regulations, the hook must be painted with yellow and black zebra pattern paint, and the hook insurance device is complete.

6、The steel wire rope and reel fixed each end must have three pressure plate, the bolt must be fastened.

7, the correct assembly of the row of isolators, rising, falling limit switch is installed correctly. Electric hoist hoisting

Electric hoist lifting according to the actual situation at the construction site, can use the crane installation, can also be used winch set pulley group lifting; lifting attention to bundle rope must take protective measures to prevent damage to equipment, according to the weight of the equipment itself, the choice of lifting with rope spreader. Gap adjustment

The gap between the inner side of the wheel edge of the traveling wheel of electric hoist and the flange of the I-beam track is guaranteed to be between 3-5㎜, which is adjusted by shims, and this is the key and must be achieved.