An official of Nippon Steel confirmed on April 27, in order to offset some cost rising pressure, the company has decided to sell in May (June delivery) in China (June)The price increase of 10,000 yen / ton (92 US dollars / ton) with medium thick plate resources.Niki, January 25, announced that the price of medium and thick plate prices sold in China in January is 10,000 yen / ton.Uponged last year, the company has also increased the price increase of 5,000 yen / ton in September.A New Railway official explained that in addition to the shipping industry, manufacturing users such as construction machinery and industrial machinery is improved, and the construction industry is expected to be in the summer.The promotion of major projects has steadily rebounded.


According to the recent prediction report released by the Japanese Economic Industry, with the influence of new crown pneumonia, the total amount of steel demand in Japan is expected to be 20.61 million tons in the second quarter (the first quarter of fiscal year), which will increase by 1.7.1 million tons from the same period last year. 20.6%.However, due to seasonal fluctuations, Japan’s second-quarter steel demand is expected to drop by 2.1% from the estimated value in the first quarter.Japan’s domestic steel demand is expected to increase by 20.3% to 13.69 million tons, and it is expected to reduce estimates by 3.3% from the first quarter.The decline in the quarter is attributed to the weakening of Japanese cars and construction industries.Affected by the shortage of automotive semiconductor chip, steel demand in Japanese auto industry in the second quarter may be expected to decline.Since the non-residential sector is delayed due to the influence of the epidemic, the demand for Japanese building steel will be reduced in the second quarter.Japan’s economy industry is expected that Japanese crude steel production in Japan is 232.35 million tons, an increase of 28.3% year-on-year, but a decrease of 2% compared to the estimated value in the previous quarter.It is expected that steel exports in Japan have increased by 21.1% to 6.92 million tons year-on-year.(World Metal Info)