Since 2020, Australia has followed the footsteps of the United States in multiple anti-China issues, directly leading to Central and Australian economic and trade relations. Recently, the Minister of Australia Fredenberg announced the government budget of the country’s 2021 to 2022, but did not mention China. Australian Broadcasting Company has issued \”soul torture\”: budget speaking, China does not mention, how can I achieve economic growth? The article refers to that Australia’s future does not depend on the West. The article quotes the data name of the International Monetary Fund. By 2024, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil’s total economic growth will account for more than half of the global economic growth. Among them, China has exceeded the United States and became the \”maximum engine\” of the global economy. Subsequently, the article was turned, pointed out that in Fradenberg’s speech, there was no mention of China, which is unbelievable. The article believes that China is an indispensable country. At present, China is the largest trading partner in Australia, and \”our future depends on her (China).\” Article analysis said that the trade volume is very important for Australia, accounting for 45% higher than the GDP (GDP), and there is one of the five jobs. The article pointed out that, at present, Australia is in the intersection of historical turning, but \”our political leaders have serious problems in how to deal with this historical turning point.\” The article believes that Fleton Berg said that the new budget is about stimulation, spending and creating employment opportunities, but \”When our political leaders can’t talk to Beijing\”, how do Australia intends to achieve this goal? \”In addition, the article also analyzed the world situation, it pointed out: When it is not in 1992, the United States is no longer the only force or dominant force in the world. The article said that the West has suffered war. The intensive inequality, terrorism, economic recession, and political populism, the strike, the so-called \”free world leader\” – the United States, is actually a \”country that has been damaged by endless crisis\”. The article further pointed out On the contrary, China actively implemented the \”One Belt\” initiative, the initiative is one of the largest infrastructure investment projects in history. The article also quoted a report of Populandong Company, today’s development market, will become Tomorrow’s economic super big country. The article is finally summed up, and the world is changing, but Australia does not really understand this new world, let alone how to deal with it. (